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FDBR is a revolutionary deflationary token with a powerful earn/burn mechanism and plans to increase the number of trees in the world.

FudBear’s Mission

Decentralized Intellectual Property
- D.I.P Platform

DIP, or Decentralized Intellectual Property, is a new way of improving our world for the better. Through DIP, we aim to create a platform where any $FDBR holder can access and contribute to a library of artwork that is fully accessible to the public domain. This platform would also include the option to sell special NFT certificates that grant exclusive copyright rights to the wallet of the buyer.

How To Buy

Create a Wallet

FudBear is available on the Binance Smart Chain. MetaMask & Trust wallet is the market leaders in Bep-20 (BSC) wallets. Visit metamask.io or TrustWallet.com to download the extensions and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask or TrustWallet’s app for iPhone or Android.

Fund Your Wallet

Buy BNB through MetaMask/TrustWallet or transfer it to your MetaMask/TrustWallet address from another wallet (e.g. Binance).

Visit PancakeSwap

On the home page of fudbear.com click on the “PancakeSwap” button. This will open a Dapp Exchange Called “PancakeSwap.” A popup will open, click the check box “I understand”, this will load the FudBear token into PancakeSwap.

Swap $BNB for $FDBR

Enter the amount of $BNB you would like to swap for $FDBR. Click Connect Wallet, then Swap. Set the amount of FudBear you would like to purchase, set the slippage to 8% or more, and press Swap!

Tokenomics and Stats

8% Tax

FudBear Has an 8% Tax On All Transactions

500,000 Tokens

500,000 FudBear Tokens initial supply

2% Supply

Max Transaction of 2% of the total supply

2% Redistribution

To incentivize holding, this tax goes directly to $FDBR holders.

2% Liquidity

This helps ensure that our liquidity pool is well funded​

1% Charity

With 1% of every transaction going towards charity, FudBear’s main objective, above all else is to decrease deforestation.

2% Marketing

To ensure the team can fund advertising, the marketing fee is very important to the project.

1% Burn

Over time, burns will reduce the number of circulating $FDBR , allowing for long-term holders to benefit even more.

Road Map

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Disclaimer: This is a community-based BSC token. The creators assist in the government process; however, they are not liable for any financial decisions made by community-members. The ideas proposed are not guaranteed to be created.
Dildo Inu: A FudBear Project
Mini Nuke: Coming Soon
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